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Our founders bring 23 years of combined experience in the solar industry, plus business coaching and sales mentorship backed by the exclusive Cardone Licensee.

Chad Yesilova

Chad is the Co-Owner and Directing Manager of Soleira Solar Power, one of Australia’s top sellers of residential and commercial solar paneling and a leading voice for green energy. His background in marketing, business coaching, and entrepreneurship inspire many of the core techniques taught in Phone Pro U and Appointment Pro U. When he’s not mentoring sales beasts, catch him hiking and exploring the food scene around Melbourne and planning his next jet-setting trip.


Carlos Villanueva

Carlos is the Co-Owner of Soleira Solar Power and founder of Sales Talk With Solar Pros, the world’s largest online community dedicated to the solar industry. His vision paved the way for Soleira Pro U, fusing years of personal solar-sales leadership with wider sales coaching strategies and techniques. His hustle catalyzed in Soleira Pro U earning its distinct Cardone Licensee. And there’s plenty more where that came from, he assures you.


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