Increase your solar sales by phone

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The phone is your greatest weapon

Are you a solar sales rep seeking new ways to sell on the phone? Arm yourself with Phone Pro U.

The world of solar sits at an inflection point. More people than ever qualify for paneling systems at the same time the world so desperately needs clean energy.

You’re ready to do what you got into sales to do — close deals. Only you’re tired of chasing the same lukewarm leads for mediocre results.

What if we showed you a better way?

  • Use the industry’s premier sales script tailored to selling solar panels on the phone. You’ll learn exactly what to say and exactly when to say it. 
  • Deploy on-call techniques to bolster prospect trust and excite genuine interest, plus guide them through financing approval. 

  • Do away with the sales cliches and gimmicks.
  • The results? Time and energy saved PLUS money made.

My first call was a sale. I have field sales experience but the transition to the phone was an easy one. The tools removed the guesswork and allowed me to focus on what I do best.

Chad Yesilova

Solar Specialist


I am averaging a sale a day. The tools provide confidence and the ability to predictably close.

Carlos Villanueva

Solar Specialist


Shatter your sales goals, just like industry-closing leader, Rob Strutt.

“The phone is a weapon. Once you master it, you will eliminate geographic barriers, get in front of more people, and close more sales.”

By Grant Cardone

Top 8 reasons you must master phone sales

Inspired by Grant Cardone, internationally renowned sales coach, speaker, and author.

Phone Pro U is a proud Cardone Licensee. Together, we’ve created a script turning sales reps into sales pros who convert, time after time. Powered by that script, one phone call can: 

1. Forge a personal impression before the buyer meets you.

2. Sell appointments for maximized closing rates.

3. Improve your skills using the most efficient form of communication.

4. Capitalize on incoming calls.

5. Differentiate yourself from the competition.

6. Lend you a critical edge in the marketplace.

7. Give buyers a comfortable sense of distance and autonomy. 

8. Save time, save resources, yet make MORE money.

Ready to sell more?