Smash solar sales by phone




The industry’s LEADING phone-based Solar Sales Script


Live group trainings presented by Soleira (Melbourne, Australia) and Better Earth (Los Angeles, California, USA)


Four example sales call recordings modeling end-to-end, “panel prospect” to “panel owner” conversions


Core objection-handling analyses and techniques



Gilded Pro Package PLUS


A video tutorial ft. Rob Strutt, an industry-renowned solar sales specialist (Soleira) step-by-step guiding you through the entire Solar Sales Script, including: 

· Call opening and sign-off

· Pricing

· Friction-point management

· Phone approach and etiquette

· And more


Advanced objection-handling analyses and techniques


1 hour group coaching sessions 2x a week



Gilded Pro Package


Gold Pro Package PLUS


Eight personal 1-hour coaching sessions, tailored to your business, schedule, and sales goals

Reimagine qualified appointment-setting for your sales team




A PROVEN leads-qualifying pipeline to sort the tepid prospects from the red-hot, delivered to your sales closers with ease


Lead-nurturing methods to prime prospect interest organically


A value proposition framework to convey how you solve people’s problems without sounding coercive or “salesy”


Advanced objection-handling analyses and techniques


1 hour group coaching sessions 2x a week.

“Ready is not a feeling. It’s a decision.”

Soleira Pro U is the world’s leading resource for solar sales reps to excel in their careers.

 It’s time to rethink closing high-ticket solar deals. Our Appointment Pro U and Phone Pro U Packages are considered the industry gold standard, helping dozens of solar companies and their sales teams bring leads to the bank. Joining Soleira Pro U provides exclusive access to educational, motivational, and networking content, all at your fingertips.