Sell solar like a pro

Get more clients, make more money, and take charge of your career.

How does it work?


Unlock sales scripts and fresh closing strategies from our Course Packages, each designed exclusively for solar industry pros — the only packages of its kind in the world.


Watch as your newly employed sales script, objection-handling techniques, and coaching insights land more sales with less


Experience the income you always knew you were capable of, plus the comfort, confidence, and career-propulsion that comes with it.  

Why join Soleira Pro U?

Increase your solar sales by phone

Phone Pro U features today’s leading sales script for selling solar alongside tutorials and coaching from the industry’s established and up-and-coming experts. Choose from three Program Tiers fitting your professional development goals, all built to unleash your inner sales swag.

Increase your solar sales through appointment-setting

Appointment Pro U breathes new life into old prospecting. Reinvigorate your entire lead-nurturing process with a fresh approach that teaches your appointment setters how to prime leads for in-person or on-the-phone consultations. Your appointment setters then hand-off successfully qualified leads for reps to capitalize on, turning your entire sales squad into one well-oiled, income-making machine.

I am averaging a sale a day. The tools provide confidence and the ability to predictably close.


Carlos Villanueva

Solar Specialist


It is the most crucial and vital information that you can attain in your first steps in achieving sales greatness.


Phil Tran

Appointment Setter


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At Soleira Pro U, we believe the best project you’ll ever work on is you.

The world is waking up to solar. From our home in Melbourne, Australia — where, on average, the per-square-meter availability of solar radiation is the highest in the world — we’re seeing record interest in residential and commercial solar paneling. 

Let’s harness that momentum to “go green” while making green through unlocked phone and appointment sales strategies tailored specifically for our industry. Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch ASAP so you can start changing the course of your career.